Monday, April 10, 2017

Thank you for coming back home

Playing catch up is almost over and I am days away from finishing reconstructing the bubble that surrounds me in Bangalore. Very few things are necessary but all of those things are important: my cats with me, my large mattress (still one of the most thoughtful gifts ever), my chaa, my smokes, my daylight-filled living room.
Tesla went missing a week ago; vanished without a trace and no matter how much they searched for him, he just wasn't ready to hear us. I found myself on a surreal flight back to Calcutta during which the sunset was so orange that I looked back a few times as I left it behind and made my way eastward. I have never lost a cat to any place, just to circumstances. I knew I wasn't doing it right, I know I didn't do enough.

One week, hours of searching, my first time making a 'Missing' poster, the constant chanting I kept up in my heart that he will return and he will forgive me for leaving him here -  and he returned at 5 am today. Dirtier, unharmed and looking like he had left to make a point.

Point has been made and mommy loves you.

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